ICD-10 Support

ICD-10 Support Services

Jzanus Consulting can supplement your existing ICD-10 transition plans so your organization can successfully meet your implementation goals.  Since medical coding and documentation is our primary business our professionals are highly qualified to assist with ICD-10 in these areas:

  •  ICD-10 Clinical Documentation Assessment– We focus primarily on the translation of inpatient Medicare data from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and the impact it will have on your organization. The results will identify the diagnoses and procedures that require additional specificity in ICD-10, show the MS-DRGs most impacted by ICD-10, and identify your organization’s areas of opportunities.
  •  ICD-10 Coding Assessment– A baseline of your coder’s efficiency is determined with ICD-9.  We conduct this evaluation on an individual basis by providing a validation of coding accuracy for a representative sample of medical charts.  Included is an accurate assessment of your coders’ biomedical coding skills.  Findings are documented and are submitted in a report.
  • ICD-10 Coding Training and Education– Input from the Coding Assessment is used in the development of a comprehensive ICD-10 education program for your coders.  This education is provided by certified ICD-10 instructors and is based on a timeline that will enable your team to meet the education requirements prior to the ICD-10 transition.
  • ICD-10 Clinical Documentation Training and Education- Our training can be conducted for your physicians using a peer-to-peer education methodology.  We use a  phased approach with your clinicians which includes-basic orientation, followed by focused ICD-10 physician specialty training.  The results from the Clinical Documentation Assessment are used to tailor curriculums to your clinical teams’ needs so that prior CDI guidelines are effectively incorporated into the education program.
  • ICD-10 Contract Coding Support- Hospitals’ coding productivity could decline by 30% due to the implementation of ICD-10 according to industry estimates.  Jzanus can provide qualified medical coders to supplement your coding needs.
  • ICD-10 Post Live Coding Validation Reviews- After the transition to ICD-10, hospitals will need to monitor the performance of their coding for accuracy.  Jzanus can provide follow up coding validation reviews on a periodic or ongoing basis as needed.  Additional education that is based upon the findings of these reviews can be provided.