Cost Outlier Recovery Services

HIM SupportJzanus specializes in Medicaid and Medicare cost outlier recovery.  With a specialized cost outlier unit comprised of outlier billing professionals and registered nurses we perform a detailed review of the patient’s medical record and every billable item, procedure, pharmaceutical and medical supply on the revised itemized bill.  We have developed a chart to bill audit approach that has proven to be successful and timely and can secure the cost outlier revenues to which you are entitled.  Our dedicated staff will work on your hospital’s Medicare and Medicaid cost outlier cases until they are billed, documented and paid.

Benefits of the Jzanus Cost Outlier Recovery Service include:

  • Cost effective approach to recovering all of the outlier payments your hospital is entitled to.
  • Time sensitive methodology for meeting payer guidelines for rebilling
  • Dedicated staff that works exclusively on cost outliers
  • Responsible for all aspects of the cost outlier billing cycle- documentation, payer billing and tracking payments